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For the 52 week treatment period, the overall rate of adverse events was similar across treatment groups (81 percent in the combined DUPIXENT treated group and 83 percent in the combined placebo treated group). The rate of serious adverse events … Continue reading >>

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AbstractMammalian carnivores are rarely incorporated in paleoenvironmental reconstructions steroids, largely because of their rarity within the fossil record. However steroids, multivariate statistical modeling can be successfully used to quantify specific anatomical features as environmental predictors. Here we explore morphological variability … Continue reading >>

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And don’t forget the desire to feel like a big City with a ‘do not turn here between the hours of 7am and 6pm at Emerson and Lakelse. The rusty piece of crap sign has been there since the 1980’s … Continue reading >>

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And they’re all synchronized dribbling balls and they come up with this melody. I called the NBA, I said, you know, what anyone watching it would say: how do I get those jerseys? No, that’s what they want me to … Continue reading >>