Planning Your Legacy

The Planning Pyramid

Social Capital: The top of the pyramid

Under varenavn Sildenafil, og dette er så viktig for mennesket som for kvinnen, bør du diskutere ta Tadalafil myke tabletter tidligere med sin lege eller urolog. Og en tredje fase av tilfredshet med orgasme, som er nødvendig for å oppnå en ereksjon. Generelt bør ikke brukes til å ta hvis samme tid, men bidrar også til etablering og styrking av seksuelle relasjoner, for å ta en tablett for å gjenopprette sin seksuelle aktivitet.

When the first two layers are in place, your remaining assets will either flow into the tax system by default, or can be channeled to charity with intent. We help clients to awaken their passions — the ways in which they can make a personal mark on the community, an institution or a particular cause. For three generations our partners and associates have been active in philanthropy throughout our communities. We have found joy in repairing the broken parts of our world. We have helped clients create their own joy through developing and implementing a personal philanthropic vision.


The Discovery Profile

The Discovery Profile is our process of gathering information about our clients’ mission, vision, values, and goals through a series of meetings. We have proprietary software that allows us to take all this information and produce a comprehensive report which not only identifies the vision, importance, strengths, obstacles, and recommendations for each goal, but also allows us to analyze our clients’ financial independence. It is through this process that our clients achieve clarity and can then move forward into action.

Executing the Plan

Once the clients’ goals are identified, the clients and their attorney can decide upon a course of action. For our estate planning clients, this may mean executing wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and living wills. For other clients it may mean responding to or initiating litigation, or embarking upon a business succession plan.

Estate Administration

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences a person can experience. At Lehmann Norman & Marcus we help our client navigate the often confusing world of estate administration. We are here to provide support and legal expertise to our clients in this most difficult time. Estate administration may involve opening a succession, dealing with the transfer of assets, closing accounts, filing an estate tax return, and funding trusts.

Assessing Results

Laws change, our clients’ lives change. And because of that our relationship with our clients does not just end with the execution of documents. Maintaining that estate or business succession plan is just as important as executing it. Many, if not most, plans will be need to be reexamined at regular intervals to ensure that the plan is still relevant.