The Planning Horizon helps chart the course

When families consider planning, they often arrive at a crossroads. They’ve become more financially successful than ever anticipated and the wealth is a courier for complexity.

The sheer magnitude of the decision-making process causes many families to feel overwhelmed. Not knowing where to start, many find that a common action becomes inaction. Meanwhile, the questions loom larger and larger in the backs of their minds.

To help families break free from this cycle, we use a decision-making tool called The Planning Horizon. It provides structure to decisions that seem to have none and helps solve problems that appear to lack a logical solution.

The Planning Horizon

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The Planning Horizon is a conceptual horizontal line that separates vision development from tactical execution. Conversations begin above the horizon line with an exploration of the broader intent for your wealth. Once this vision is clear, we can proceed below the horizon line to explore which legal strategies and tools align with your vision.