Areas of Practice

The Discovery Profile

Many relationships with our firm begin with a project we call The Discovery Profile. Through this simple yet powerful process, we stimulate important conversations in which many families engage for the first time. We will help you explore the unique significance of your life so that you can maximize its impact on your heirs and your community. The project creates a clear understanding of your vision and values regarding your wealth. It is the beginning of true legacy formation.

Next, we identify and prioritize the areas that require the most urgent attention. We only suggest strategies that can help to align your financial wealth with your legacy goals.

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The Discovery Profile is a powerful tool that can precede document development. Many families report that after this exercise, they achieved clarity regarding the purpose of their wealth and the non-financial aspects of their legacies.

Estate Planning

Estate planning includes drafting documents that transfer your property in the manner you desire accompanied by proper safeguards and legal protections. We encourage families to execute durable general powers of attorney so that in the event of disability, there is a method for managing assets in place.

Health care powers of attorney allow a person you designate to make decisions about your medical care if you are unable to do so. Living wills direct life-sustaining decisions in accordance with your documented desires.

Estate Planning is more than a set of documents; it is a living, breathing process. It is most effective if managed on an intergenerational basis. When appropriate, we look forward to meeting your children to help them manage the family legacy in line with your wishes and assist them with their own planning.

LGBT Estate Planning

LGBT individuals and couples face unique challenges in today’s legal environment. We keep abreast of the latest developments and assist our LGBT clients in making decisions and drafting documents which protect them and their loved ones from unexpected, and unfortunate, legal results.

Estate Administration

Estate administration services allow families to navigate the complexities of probate, ensuring that each step is handled in the optimal manner. Financial, legal, and tax perspectives are all taken into account. We facilitate the preparation of the appropriate tax returns, allocate funds to pay taxes as needed, and arrange for tax payments to be made.

Business Law & Business Transition Planning

We offer business owners a central source for navigating, coordinating and executing the myriad legal aspects of owning a business. Our process guides the owner through the many phases of business: from entrepreneurship, to shareholder, to profit. When owners are ready to exit or change their roles in their business, we help them transition ownership and management to the next generation or to a non-family member.

Services include legal compliance, budgeting and strategic planning, coordination with CPAs and financial professionals, review of compensation plans, and coordination of banking relationships.

Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately estate and business conflicts arise and justice needs to be served. Our clients include individuals, families and businesses. We provide representation in all sixty-four Louisiana parishes. Lehmann Norman & Marcus has continued to strive for creative approaches to litigation and to seek solutions that benefit our clients and the greater community. Our firm provides our clients with unquestionable trust, superior performance and total commitment, along with the highest level of legal representation.